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Bi publisher quick start guide 2014-12-03

Bi publisher quick start guide

  1. Mig25
    Reports provided with Oracle Applications are not of
    ten in a format that is required by the end users.
    data is there, but the users need it in a different
    format or need to add logos, grafts and/or other m
    not included in the seeded report. Unfortunately, m
    odifying the underlying Oracle Report is difficult, t
    consuming and requires extensive knowledge of the too
    l used to develop the report. BI Publisher
    removes this limitation. BI Publisher separates th
    e extract of the data from the presentation of the d
    While BI Publisher also provides the ability to extra
    ct the data, this presentation will focus on using a
    standard report from Oracle E–Business Suite and usi
    ng BI Publisher to tailor the look of the report
    without customizing Oracle’s code.