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Balance forward billing - for oracle receivables 2011-07-06

Balance forward billing - for oracle receivables

  1. rao.mokka

    Balance Forward Billing (BFB) is a new feature introduced in Release 12. It replaces the functionality provided by Consolidated Billing Invoices (CBI) in Release 11i.

    Balance Forward Billing is enabled when defining a customer. Once a customer record is Balance Forward Billing enabled, you can print a single document, referred to as a Balance Forward Bill which includes all of a customer's transactions and payments created within the billing period as well as any balance carried forward from the previous billing period. This allows you to send one consolidated document to the customer instead of individual invoices per transaction.

    Depending on how Balance Forward Billing is set-up, you can consolidate into one bill all transactions and payments of a customer across multiple sites, or you can consolidate per site.

    It provides :
    •a beginning balance carried over from the previous period
    •an itemized list of all activities such as invoices, debit memos, credit memos, adjustments and receipts
    •an outstanding balance for the current billing period
    • aging of outstanding balance

    1.Balance Forward Billing can be set-up at either the Customer Account or Site level.
    2.The format of the bill can be Detailed or Summarized.
    3.Billing cycles can be defined to reflect your business requirements on how often a customer should be billed. Billing Cycles can be Monthly, Weekly or Daily.
    4.It provides the flexibility of excluding a particular site. It also allows you to pick specific invoices that you do not want to be included in the Balance Forward Bill.
    5.You can query using the Balance Forward Billing number in the Transactions Workbench.
    6.You can apply receipts to a Balance Forward Bill via the Receipts Workbench as well as Automatic Receipts.


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