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Back to back orders in oracle om 2013-07-02

Back to back orders in oracle om

  1. sameerathreya
    In today’s environment where lead times are often only a matter of 24 hours, many companies want to create a specific supply order linked to each customer order and they want these supply order created as soon as the customer orders have been booked. These companies want to have the supply order “hard pegged” to the customer order that it is supplying, and once the supply reaches the warehouse they do not want it inadvertently taken by another order or demand. They also need visibility to where the Sales Order line is in the process at all times, so they can answer customer service inquiries. We call this process ‘Back-to-back orders’, indicating that the Sales Order and the supplying Purchase Order are very closely linked, often where one PO is tied to one Sales Order. This paper shows you how you can model this process using Oracle Order Management and Oracle Configure-to-Order workflows.