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Authentication infomation 2013-06-21

Authentication infomation

  1. rajeevr
    [highlight=sql][/highlight]Firstly and surely there is a URL for oracle applications that is structured possibly in below format, although it can vary from version of apps.
    http://machinename:portnumber /oa_servlets/AppsLogin

    When you join an Oracle Apps development team for an employer, you will first be given URL of the development environment.

    In any Oracle Apps implementation project (assuming it has gone live), there are minimum of three environments, each with different URL's and different database instances.

    These are:-
    Development environment
    Testing environment
    Production environment

    You will most probably, as a techie, be given url,username ad password of the development environment.

    What happens when you login(no advanced info here):-
    A. Your login gets authenticated against a table named fnd_user for your username and password. The screen below is where username and password defined. This screen is called user definition screen. Only system administrators have access to this screen.

    B. As you can see above, this username xxpassi is attached to two responsibilities (this will be discussed in details in latter training lesson). It is this assignment to the responsibility that controls what a logged in person can do and can't do. In layman’s words, a responsibility is a group of menu.