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Ar receipts api 2011-05-22

Ar receipts api

  1. Ghazouani
    Client had over 400 bank accounts into which cash could be received.Some of these cash transactions were to be reconciled & accounted from Oracle Receivables. For this purpose "Receipt Handling Process" needed a mechanism to load bank receipts into Oracle AR in realtime. For this requirement, I developed an API based process which made possible the integration of "Receipt Handling Process" with Oracle Receivables. This technique was preferred over lockbox approach. The requirement was quite simple, receipts from a third party system were being dumped into a couple of tables. Those receipts were to be validated and transferred into Oracle Receivables. Doing a bit of research on Metalink I found that AR now has a receipt creation API. Please find the steps below for implementing a Receipt creation API in Oracle AR

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    Version: 2015-07-14
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