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Ar questionnaire for client 2011-05-10

Ar questionnaire for client

  1. pufulet
    Here i am posting a small sample of questions on Oracle Receivables.
    1. Provide an overview of AR invoice processing.
    2. Provide an overview of AR cash receipt processing.
    3. How do you adjust receivables?
    4. Do you receive deposits and/or prepayments?
    5. Explain Customer Creation and Maintenance Process. Provide samples of customer master records with Payment Terms.
    6. Do you track and record relationships between customers e.g. franchises, subsidiaries etc.?
    7. Do you create reciprocal customer relationships whenever you create a relationship between customers for tracking purposes?
    8. Do you have multiple "remit to’s"?How are multiple "remit to’s" determined for each customer?
    9. What credit information is tracked for each customer?
    10. How do you group your customers for credit limits, credit checks?
    11. Do you do miscellaneous invoicing? Please explain with examples.
    12. Do you send customers statements? If so please describe the process and highlight any exceptions.
    13. How are the revenue, receivable, freight and tax accounts configured for each invoice type?14. Explain Debit Memo & Credit Memo Process.
    15. Do you bill customers in a foreign currency?How many invoice types do you have? Provide invoice samples. (Credit Memo, Debit Memo etc.)
    16. How do you number your invoices?
    17. Where are the invoices printed? How many printers and where are they? Pre-printed forms?
    18. How do you calculate your tax charges? What are the rates? Explain Tax Structure.
    19. Do you validate the tax rate against a Customer’s Ship To address when preparing invoices? If so please describe how.
    20. Do you charge finance charges? If so - how do you charge finance charges?
    21. Explain your dunning and Collection Process. Please provide dunning statement formats.
    22. Do collectors actively call customers on delinquent items?
    23. What sort of buckets do you use for cash requirements forecasting? (i.e. 30, 60, 90...)
    24. Do you write off receivable? Is there a specific dollar amount or time frame used by your Company for write-offs?
    25. Do you have Chargeback? Explain.
    26. Explain Revenue Recognition Process and explain the scenarious.
    27. Explain Bills Receivable?
    28. Do you associate Revenue to Sales Person.
    29. How is Sales Territory Information for tracking purposes derived? (i.e. customer, salesperson etc.)
    30. How do your customers generally pay invoices? single check—single invoice/single check—multiple invoices/multiple checks—multiple invoicesProvide list of Banks and Purpose?
    31. Explain Payment Process?
    32. Are you using Automatic Receipts? Explain?
    33. Explain Remittance Process?
    34. Explain your Auto Lock Box Proces if you have enabled it?
    35. What types of payments are received and input? (i.e. check, cash etc.)
    36. Explain Receipt Reconcilliation Process?
    37. What reports do you currently generate for Invoicing, Sales and Revenue tracking? Provide samples including frequency and distribution.