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Apps 11i forms personalization examples 2011-05-26

Apps 11i forms personalization examples

  1. Ganesh.Vijay
    Apps 11i Forms Personalization Examples
    • Defining a Zoom from the USERS form to the RESPONSIBILITY form
    • Defining a Zoom from the PO form to the SUPPLIER form
    • Default user value in Users form when in query mode
    • Display a personalized form value in the FORMS_MDI_WINDOW
    • Warn Users Entering Sales Orders on Sunday
    • Hide the Person, Customer and Fax field in the Users form
    • Ask user to see if they want to go into Query Mode when entering a Window
    • Changing to the Responsibilities form title
    • Zooming to the AR Receipt form from the AR Transactions form and defaulting the corresponding Receipt Number
    • Make Item Type required when Attribute5 = “George” on the Item Master