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All fnd tables and module interface tables 2014-08-29

All fnd tables and module interface tables

  1. bennjem
    In 57 page , you will find all information about FND and more:
    1. Concurrent Manager
    3. AD / Patches
    4. Relationships between FND Tables
    5. Good queries on FND tables for Apps11i
    6. What is the use of FND Debug Log?
    7. HOW TO trace a concurrent program
    8. HOW TO make flexfield fields dependent on another
    9. HOW TO reference profile values from value sets
    10. HOW TO find DFFs that use a particular value set
    11. HOW TO simulate DISTINCT or GROUP BY in a value set
    12. HOW TO determine which manager ran a specific concurrent request
    13. HOW TO validate ALL DFF values in one go
    14. HOW TO find the responsibility that can run a concurrent program
    15. HOW TO programmatically launching concurrent request sets
    16. HOW TO trace your own session
    17. HOW TO find a concurrent program's trace file
    18. Oracle Apps Purchasing (PO) Key Tables and their functionalities
    19. Oracle Apps General Ledger (GL) KEY Tables
    20. Oracle applications – order management tables and its details
    21. Oracle Apps Inventory KEY Tables
    22. Oracle Payables Useful Tables
    23. Useful AR Tables In formations
    24. All modules Interface Tables
    25. TCA (Trading Community Architecture)