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Administration basic of rman 2011-05-05

Administration basic of rman

  1. leonardocr
    This guide is a quick-reference guide for Recovery Manager (RMAN), Oracle's utility to manage all of the Oracle database backup and recovery activities. This guide is not a comprehensive backup and recovery book. It contains an overview of RMAN architecture, shows briefly how to backup and restore databases using RMAN, describes catalog setup issues, and provides quick-reference syntax diagrams of RMAN commands.

    The purpose of this guide is to help you quickly find the syntax for, and use, RMAN commands to back up, restore, and recover a database. We also point out that the batch mode examples in this guide are scripted with Unix shell scripts. Many of these examples contain Unix paths that are appropriate for our environment. If you are developing your own set of scripts, you will want to change the examples to reflect your own environment.