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A guide to oracle quality 2011-06-12

A guide to oracle quality

    This paper introduces the reader to the concepts of quality management in Oracle Quality and reinforces that understanding with the aid of a business case that spans across the Work In Process (WIP) and the Purchasing modules. As we walk across the shopfloor and the receiving bay, we study the data collection process from the perspective of Oracle Quality business flow.

    The paper also covers the enhanced features that have been added to Oracle Quality through Family Packs G, H and I.

    This paper covers the basic business flow for Oracle Quality. It also takes a close look at Global Specifications (Family Pack I), Parent Child Relationships (Family Pack H) and Collection Plan Security (Family Pack G), to obtain a better understanding of Oracle Quality as it stands today. This paper is intended for an audience familiar with Work In Process and Purchasing transactions and desirous of gaining an insight into how to set up a quality inspection process at strategic junctures to ensure that products are conforming to specifications and of how to define those specifications, standards and measurable parameters in the first place, using Oracle Quality.