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Cyrus Teo

10 Adoption and Learning [AP] Template - Oracle AIM 2016-05-05

Adoption and Learning [AP] Template - Oracle AIM

  1. Cyrus Teo
    Adoption and Learning [AP] Template
    – This phase explains the removal of the legacy system and oracle application roll out enterprise wide.

    AP.010 – Define Executive Project Strategy
    AP.020 – Conduct Initial Project Team Orientation
    AP.030 – Develop Project Team Learning Plan
    AP.040 – Prepare Project Team Learning Environment
    AP.050 – Conduct Project Team Learning Events
    AP.060 – Develop Business Unit Managers’Readiness Plan
    AP.070 – Develop Project Readiness Roadmap
    AP.080 – Develop and Execute CommunicationCampaign
    AP.090 – Develop Managers’ Readiness Plan
    AP.100 – Identify Business Process Impact onOrganization
    AP.110 – Align Human Performance SupportSystems
    AP.120 – Align Information Technology Groups
    AP.130 – Conduct User Learning Needs Analysis
    AP.140 – Develop User Learning Plan
    AP.150 – Develop User Learningware
    AP.160 – Prepare User Learning Environment
    AP.170 – Conduct User Learning Events
    AP.180 – Conduct Effectiveness Assessment