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Cyrus Teo

09 Performance Testing [PT] Template - Oracle AIM 2016-05-05

Performance Testing [PT] Template - Oracle AIM

  1. Cyrus Teo
    Performance Testing [PT] Template
    – Performance testing is the evaluation of transactions saving time, transaction retrieval times, workflow background process, database performance, etc

    PT.010 – Define Performance Testing Strategy
    PT.020 – Identify Performance Test Scenarios
    PT.030 – Identify Performance Test Transaction
    PT.040 – Create Performance Test Scripts
    PT.050 – Design Performance Test Transaction Programs
    PT.060 – Design Performance Test Data
    PT.070 – Design Test Database Load Programs
    PT.080 – Create Performance Test TransactionPrograms
    PT.090 – Create Test Database Load Programs
    PT.100 – Construct Performance Test Database
    PT.110 – Prepare Performance Test Environment
    PT.120 – Execute Performance Test