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Cyrus Teo

06 Data Conversion [CV] Template - Oracle AIM 2016-05-05

Data Conversion [CV] Template - Oracle AIM

  1. Cyrus Teo
    Data Conversion [CV] Template
    – Data Conversion is the process of converting or transferring the data from legacy system to oracle applications. Ex. Transferring customer records from the legacy to the Customer Master.

    CV.010 Define data conversion requirements and strategy
    CV.020 Define Conversion standards
    CV.030 Prepare conversion environment
    CV.040 Perform conversion data mapping
    CV.050 Define manual conversion procedures
    CV.060 Design conversion programs
    CV.070 Prepare conversion test plans
    CV.080 Develop conversion programs
    CV.090 Perform conversion unit tests
    CV.100 Perform conversion business objects
    CV.110 Perform conversion validation tests
    CV.120 Install conversion programs
    CV.130 Convert and verify data