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Cyrus Teo

04 Application and Technical Architecture [TA] Template - Oracle AIM 2016-05-05

Application and Technical Architecture [TA] Template - Oracle AIM

  1. Cyrus Teo
    Application and Technical Architecture [TA] Template
    – This outlines the infrastructure requirements to implement oracle applications.

    TA.010 Define Architecture Requirements and Strategy
    TA.020 Identify Current Technical Architecture
    TA.030 Develop Preliminary Conceptual Architecture
    TA.040 Define Application Architecture
    TA.050 Define System Availability Strategy
    TA.060 Define Reporting and Information Access Strategy
    TA.070 Revise Conceptual Architecture
    TA.080 Define Application Security Architecture
    TA.090 Define Application and Database Server Architecture
    TA.100 Define and Propose Architecture Subsystems
    TA.110 Define System Capacity Plan
    TA.120 Define Platform and Network Architecture
    TA.130 Define Application Deployment Plan
    TA.140 Assess Performance Risks
    TA.150 Define System Management Procedures