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Cyrus Teo

03 Business Requirement Mapping [BR] Template - Oracle AIM 2016-05-05

Business Requirement Mapping [BR] Template - Oracle AIM

  1. Cyrus Teo
    Business Requirement Mapping [BR] Template
    – In this phase the requirements of business are matched with the standard functionality of the oracle applications.

    BR.010 Analyze High-Level Gaps
    BR.020 Prepare mapping environment
    BR.030 Map Business requirements
    BR.040 Map Business Data
    BR.050 Conduct Integration Fit Analysis
    BR.060 Create Information Model
    BR.070 Create Reporting Fit Analysis
    BR.080 Test Business Solutions
    BR.090 Confirm Integrated Business Solutions
    BR.100 Define Applications Setup
    BR.110 Define security Profiles