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  1. Points |Trophy Details
  2. 10

    First Message Trophy

    Members receive this trophy when they post their first message on Club-Oracle!

  3. 10

    Your content was Liked!

    Somebody liked a message posted by you. It means your content helped somebody. Keep replying to topics and more people will like what you write!

  4. 20

    First Document Award!

    You have been awarded 20 trophy points for sharing a document with the Community! Keep sharing for more!

  5. 20

    Member For A Week

    Welcome back, you’ve been a member at Club Oracle for a week now!

  6. 20

    Quality Poster

    Your posts have been liked 10 times already. It means you write quality stuff!

  7. 25

    Crossed 10 Posts Threshold!

    You have posted more than 10 messages. You must be getting popular!

  8. 25

    Knowledge Sharer

    You have shared 5 useful document with the community. These points reward your Knowledge Sharing

  9. 25

    Member for a Month

    You have been a member here for a month now, Great Going!

  10. 50

    Half Century!

    You've posted 50 messages. You are now a valuable asset here.

  11. 50

    Helpful Member Trophy

    Your messages have been liked 25 times. You must be sharing very useful knowledge.

  12. 50

    Good Work!

    You have uploaded 10 useful documents. Thanks for sharing with the community.

  13. 100

    Full Century!

    You have posted a hundred messages here. Your knowledge has helped solve several problems.

  14. 100

    Helping Hand Trophy

    Your content has been liked by members 50 times. You are a real helping hand!

  15. 100

    Librarian Trophy!

    You have shared 25 documents with the community. You are our librarian!

  16. 200

    Club Oracle Star Member

    You have posted a 500 messages here, This means you are a star member!

  17. 200

    Mentor Trophy

    This is a very valuable trophy, awarded to those whose content has attracted 100 likes.

  18. 200

    Documents Cataloguer

    Congratulations for the Cataloguer Trophy! You have shared 50 Documents with the community

  19. 300

    Most Helpful Member Trophy

    Content that you have posted has been liked 250 times. Thanks for being such a valuable asset to the community.

  20. 300

    Manager & Problem Solver

    You have shared your knowledge and posted content a 1000 times. This clearly shows you know about Oracle technologies and are you receive the Manager & Problem Solver Reward.

  21. 300

    Oracle Librarian

    You have shared a full HUNDRED! Documents. Thanks for invigorating the community with your knowledge store.

  22. 500

    Star Mentor!

    Content you have posted has attracted 500 likes. Thanks for your valuable knowledge sharing.